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Posted By Sam Proctor

Legacy London launches in partnership with Recruitment Entrepreneur: a people-first approach to talent acquisition

11 Sep 2023

Legacy London, an exciting new venture is set to revolutionise the industry with a fresh approach to talent acquisition, under the expert guidance of Recruitment Entrepreneur. The dynamic partnership aims to bring a human touch to the recruitment landscape, offering bespoke solutions that prioritise individuals and their career journeys. Dhana Toulson, Founder brings her remarkable 30-year career in recruitment and HR and is poised to redefine the way companies and candidates connect for mutual success.

Prior to establishing this future recruitment powerhouse, Dhana embarked on a journey that spanned diverse sectors including fashion, beauty, luxury, skincare, marketing, digital and support services, including HR. Throughout her career, Dhana has spearheaded an array of recruitment endeavours, spanning from the identification of board-level talent to delivering expert guidance in recruitment strategies, and even the intricate task of overseeing teams during challenging periods like staff redundancies. This unique experience underpins her passion for people and their professional growth, as well as Clients and their needs to progress their business with outstanding staff.

Undoubtedly, the most exhilarating aspect of recruitment in this sector is the impact it has on people's lives. From candidates to clients and colleagues, Dhana is dedicated to making a meaningful difference. Each placement contributes to a legacy, shaping careers and bolstering businesses. Building enduring relationships is a cornerstone of the venture's ethos, as demonstrated by stories of junior candidates evolving into esteemed industry leaders.

One of the distinguishing factors that sets this venture apart is its commitment to adapting and thriving within varied cultural landscapes. By embracing and evolving recruitment techniques tailored to specific geographical differences, the team is ready to transcend boundaries and bring together top talent from around the world.

Central to Legacy London’s philosophy is an unwavering dedication to being human, transparent, and approachable. Operating with the utmost integrity, the team strives to intimately understand their clients' businesses, thus evolving beyond mere recruitment partners to strategic talent advisors. This approach underscores the founder's belief that by prioritising people, financial success naturally follows.

As Legacy London takes its first strides, its mission is to emerge as the go-to Global Recruitment Practice, specialising in the Creative, Marketing, Digital/Ecommerce, and Support sectors within Consumer/FMCG, Retail, and Luxury Brands. By consistently delivering exceptional talent solutions, the team aspires to contribute significantly to the growth and success of its clients.

Dhana reflects on the partnership “The partnership with Recruitment Entrepreneur was an obvious choice. With James Caan's unparalleled reputation in the industry, the company is confident that all back-office concerns will be impeccably managed, allowing the team to channel their energy into what they do best: championing the needs of candidates and clients alike”.

The journey to collaboration began with reaching out to Recruitment Entrepreneur after comprehensive market research. Recognising the shared commitment to redefining recruitment, Dhana was convinced that this partnership was a match made in business heaven.

With Dhana’s commitment to a people-first approach and the support of Recruitment Entrepreneur, the stage is set for a revolutionary chapter in the world of talent acquisition.

Greg Hollis, CEO of Recruitment Entrepreneur comments on the partnership “We are thrilled to welcome Legacy London into our network of dynamic portfolio partners. By joining forces, we aim to redefine the recruitment landscape creating a profound legacy that sets new industry standards. I look forward to watching Dhana and her team evolve within the industry”.


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